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Launch of the ARMSTER brand

Armster S (black) and Armster 2 (silver) car armrests are a premium product by Rati (Hungarian company) that has no rivals in the Russian market. They are produced of high-quality materials certified according to European standards.
Key features of the Rati armrests:
- Excellent ergonomics providing maximum comfort for the driver;
- Stylish and elegant appearance that brightens the interior of any car;
- Increased permissible load up to 80 kg (proved by tests);
- High-quality European materials are perfectly pleasant to look and touch;
- Colorful individual package: a box that keeps the product safe when transported;


Launch of the Chromex brand

Chromex side window deflectors with chrome-plated moldings perfectly blend in with standard car moldings, and protect the interior from dirt, dust, rain, and snow. It also provides comfortable conditions inside when windows are open. Chromex deflectors are produced from certified materials of the best quality resistant to UV-radiation, salts, reagents, and temperature changes. Each kit includes detailed installation instructions, 2 alcohol wipes, and 1 adhesion-activator wipe for reliable operation. We carefully pack Chromex side window deflectors with stretch film and put them inside a plastic sleeve and colorful individual box.


The launch of the RESTIN brand

Nowadays more and more drivers tend to protect their cars from aggressive environment. In this case, we refer to RESTIN car armrests which have been added to the Autofamily product range.
RESTIN car armrests offer the following:
• European materials and production technologies;
• reliable protection;
• original fastener;
• detailed instruction;
• easy installation (no drilling holes in car body required);
• a compact and functional accessory.


Are Klever textile mats seasonal or not?

There is an opinion, that textile mats - this is only a summer option for protecting the floor in the car.
Klever mats completely change this view. Let's understand what the feature of Klever textile mats is:
•    best innovative materials - thanks to the base mats perfectly hold dirt and moisture, don’t lose their shape;
•    easy cleaning - thanks to high-quality materials and the presence of fasteners, the mat is easy to get, clean and return to place;
•    there is a polyurethane bearing on the driver's mat, which strongly prolongs the life of mats.